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As a wholesale butchery that retailed direct to the public, Specialty Foods branched out to food manufacturing In 1988. It all started with the production of ready cooked yiros meat. The brains behind the product was Lefki Angelo (wife of founder George). Not all take-aways and restaurants had the time or the money to produce their own yiros meat. The idea involved producing a product which was already marinated & 90% pre-cooked. All that would then be required by the customer would be to heat it up and serve.

With all four children now at school, Lefki was able to return to work. Sales quickly grew as the market demanded more and more LA Yiros. Lefki had created her own secret recipe blend of traditional herbs and spices and her traditional 'Greek Style' Flavour was capturing the market. A few months later the move was made into a small shop in Collinswood with a four burner spit machine and a fridge and freezer too. The Yiros meat was initially branded "L.A. Yiros", having the initials of Lefki Angelo.

In 1993, sales of L.A. Yiros increased to the extent that the Collinswood shop became too small to facilitate production. George and Lefki then bought the business 'Specialty Foods' in the suburb of Thebarton.

The Specialty Foods side of the company concentrated on the par-cooking of yiros meat and other associated products, whilst the butcher shop concentrated on the catering/wholesale and retail side of the business.

By now, George & Lefki’s 4 sons were now working in the business and together made a commitment to take Specialty Foods to the next level. In 1996 the production began of a state of the art food processing and production plant at 8A West Thebarton Road, Thebarton. All the other locations were closed and moved to this one central location. Everything was moved under the one roof, with food service, boning, wholesaling, cooking, processing and retail butchering all taking place under the one roof at the same location.

Today, Specialty Foods continues its quest as Red Meat Specialists. Increasing its National Distribution and Servicing markets across Australia with its Greek Style Yiros & Associated Products.

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Phaedon Angelo


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